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We enjoy your field trips, birthday parties and other group visits as much as you do so call to book your group package.  Below are the packages offered and some guidelines and suggestions to make your visit as educational (field trips) and pleasurable as possible for the chaperones and the little ones alike.      We provide plates and cups.  There is a tent if the weather is rainy.  Packages may be customized.  For more information call (570) 689-9790.

Full Package  

    - See Apple Cider and Apple Cider Donuts being made (depending on time and day scheduled)

    - Admission to the Attractions (weather permitting):  Family Farm Animals, Corn Maze, Hay Barn, and Hay Ride

      One adult chaperone for every 5 children gets a free hayride. 

    - A Small Pumpkin

    - A Hot Dog OR A Slice of Pizza

    - An Apple Cider Donut

    - Cup of Apple Cider


Basic Package

    - See Apple Cider and Apple Cider Donuts being made (depending on time and day scheduled)

    - Admission to the Attractions (weather permitting):  Petting Zoo, Corn Maze, Hay Barn.

    ~Hay Ride

      One adult chaperone for every 5 children gets a free hayride. 

    ~Small Pumpkin


Options to create a custom party:

    - Cup of Cider & a Donut 

    - Small Pumpkin                 

    - Pizza or Hot Dog             

    - Hayride                             

    Other Free Attractions:  Corn Maze, Petting Zoo, & Hay Barn

    - Pony Rides through Future Vision Farms may be arranged for an additional cost.



For some parties the parents set up scavenger hunts and other games, brought paintbrushes and washable paint to paint the pumpkins, and arranged contests and other games.  It is a good idea to ask the guests to wear play clothes and bring coats, gloves and hats because it is an outdoor event.  There is a water spout and soap dispenser by the petting zoo to wash hands after visiting the animals.


Fun & Safety Guidelines:

Thank you for your interest in Ritter’s Cider Mill. Following are a few suggestions to ensure a safe and fun visit to the cider mill

We love to have the children visit the cider mill, corn maze, petting zoo, hay ride and hay tunnel. Sometimes large groups can be somewhat confusing so it is important to remember your first priority is to chaperone the children. We would not like to see anyone hurt.

If the chaperones would like to shop we have found in the past it is easier for them to take turns either browsing in small groups or to alternate playing with the children in the outdoor attractions and shopping with other chaperones.

Before your visit kindly remind the children that the items sold are food items and shouldn’t be played with. Others will be eating these foods so they shouldn’t be touched unless being purchased. Fruit bruises just like people if they are bumped around, but unlike people fruit does not heal. Also, there are several items in glass jars such as jelly, honey, etc., if these items are played with and the glass breaks someone could get hurt.

Children can get very excited, which is a good thing, but sometimes in their excitement they may run into the parking lot or near the hay wagon while it is moving. Be sure the children know it is fun to play in the grass areas, but not near cars and watch them closely.

When on the hayride everyone must remain seated while the tractor is moving and keep their bodies inside the wagon.

No one is allowed inside the fence with the animals at the petting zoo or the other fence with the larger animals. Please remember to wash your hands after visiting the animals.

We make cider only when we need it to ensure it is fresh. Since we do not have set days for making cider it is difficult to say we will be making cider on the day you have chosen to come. It also depends on the time of year (mid September through October are our busiest) and the time of day (late in the day is not good since it takes hours to clean up). But we will try our best to accommodate you. Since we always offer free samples, please be aware our cider is not pasteurized. We do use clean, washed apples (not drops) and do not use any apples we feel would be a health risk in our cider.

Again, the safety and satisfaction of all our patrons is of utmost importance to us. We are sure you already had these items properly taken care of and your children are well behaved, but have found it never hurts to reinforce them.

If you would like pricing or need further information, please call Debra at the number above. We have total packages which include a hot dog, a donut, a glass of cider, the hayride to the pumpkin patch, a pumpkin, petting zoo, corn maze and hay tunnel. Or you can choose any of the above.

Your interest in Ritter’s Cider Mill is greatly appreciated and we look forward to seeing all your smiling faces.


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